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Gegorran was a Human weapons merchant who had set up shop on the Merchant Quarter of Onderon's only city, Iziz, prior to the Onderon Civil War.


Most people referred to him as Geg. Due to increasing fears of Republic insurgents and terrorists working against General Vaklu which resulted in increasing regulations meant to "keep order," but were in reality thinly-disguised attempts to expedite the planned coup by Vaklu against Queen Talia, he could only sell his products to people with starport visas. Gegorran desperately wanted to leave the planet before trouble could start but since he lacked a starport visa it was impossible to leave the city.

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Behind the scenesEdit

  • At the beginning of Knights of the Old Republic II, if the player chooses to be a male Jedi Exile, Gegorran has his picture in the list of portraits.
  • After you fight with Vaklu's men he refuses to talk to you.


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