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Gelba was a female Human from the planet Doan who represented the a group of miners who rebelled against the Doan Royal House during the time following the New Sith Wars. In 980 BBY Gelba ordered her forces to force Prince Gerran's airspeeder into an emergency landing, however, the prince was accidentally killed in the attack. His wife, Princess Serra, became depressed, and her bodyguard, Lucia, found the Iktotchi assassin Huntress at Paradise and hired her to assassinate Gelba. The Jedi Order, meanwhile, sent Jedi Knight Medd Tandar to negotiate with the rebels and Royal Family, as well as to recover dark side artifacts that had been dug up on the planet. As Gelba was meeting with Tandar, they were attacked by the Huntress, who shot and killed Gelba instantly before killing Tandun and the rest of the miners present.


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