"I'm sick of excuses! I'll feed all you worthless slugs to a rancor if I have to!"
―Gele'ren to a group of employees[src]

Gele'ren was a Twi'lek male slaver and successful underboss in the Hutt Cartel during the Cold War on Nar Shaddaa. He assisted the future Grand Champion of the Great Hunt in tracking down the assassin, the Eidolon, the Great Hunt target on the moon.

When Anuli sliced and uploaded Eidolon Security's records, the Eidolon retaliated by sending his assassin droid to ambush Gele'ren's base. Gele'ren and Anuli were killed in the onslaught. While contacting Hunter, the Eidolon mentioned mounting Gele'ren's severed head on his wall.


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