Gelgelar was a cloud-covered cold swamp planet in the Outer Rim Territories.


Near constant precipitation and cloudy weather put the world in a unabated gloom and encouraged the growth of mold and moss. It was colonized by a motley group offworlders in 250 BBY, mainly criminals, political prisoners on the lam and transients.[1] It had a Shrine of Kooroo. The principal exports were shvash gas and vohis mold. Gelgelar Free Port was the only starport and city.

The planet was in the same system as the site of the First Battle of Gelgelar and a Rebel hospital base in 3 ABY. While the planet and system was a decided backwater in the early years of the Galactic Civil War, it was dubious enough that it escaped Imperial attention after the arrival of Admiral Wooyou Senn's fleet.

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