The Gelgelar system was located in the Outer Rim's Elrood sector.

The Gelgelar system contained the planet Gelgelar. It was also the location of the XQ5 Platform Hormuuz, a Rebel Alliance hospital facility that was captured by Admiral Wooyou Senn's Task Force Vengeance and subsequently used as a staging point for their operations into the Airam sector. The Rebels referred to their platform Hormuuz as one of their bases in the "outlying regions".

Behind the scenesEdit

Like with several other systems featured in the game, this system's location is not explicitly stated. Since Task Force Vengeance operated in this system during their campaign into the Airam sector it may be located in the Airam sector, but it is not conclusively part of that sector, as several missions took place in systems that belong to the nearby Elrood sector instead (in the Almaran, Dega, Derilyn and Halbara systems, respectively).



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