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Gelmid Lorman was a male Human Moff of the Sith Empire during the Galactic War. In 3640 BBY Lorman was the deputy commander of the Ascendant Spear and the non-Sith right hand of the Dark Councilor Darth Karrid. During the battle of Duro when all seem lost he ordered the evacuation of the ship. During the Eternal Empire's Conquest, he had risen to become Minister of Logistics under Empress Acina. During his career, Malavai Quinn defied his orders to cease his search for the missing Emperor's Wrath, so Lorman had him thrown into prison for his defiance. When The Outlander came to Dromund Kaas by Acina's invitation to discuss an alliance, Lorman secretly plotted with the former Supreme Chancellor Saresh to assassinate both the Empress and the Outlander as part of her coup to take over the Alliance. After his plot was failed and deception revealed, Acina allowed the Outlander to decide his fate.


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