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Genasys was a company that operated during the waning years of the Galactic Republic.


In about 32 BBY, the Cerean Higgie Sethven discovered a way of distilling the star-mist plant, to produce a drug that could cause nerve regrowth. He contacted Genasys, to try and make a commercial deal with them, to allow him to enter the company and develop the drug. Genasys responded by sending a group of soldiers from the Genasys Security Division to meet with Sethven in the shop Natural on the planet Cularin, where he was based. However, Culpharm, a rival company, were tipped off about the deal, so sent a group of operatives to the shop, to stop the deal from taking place. The Culpharm operatives attacked the Genasys team, resulting in a firefight between the two. The issue was eventually resolved and Sethven took up a position in the Genasys R&D department.

Genasys also had close links with the Metatheran Cartel.


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