The General Good was the set of beliefs held by the Keganites, prior to their joining the Galactic Republic. Created and maintained by the Benevolent Guides, V-Tan and O-Vieve, the General Good required every Keganite to dedicate themselves to their planet. Everything they did was for the betterment of the General Good, including the virtually complete isolation of the planet from the rest of the galaxy. V-Tan and O-Vieve taught that the importing of technology or knowledge was harmful to the General Good.

Every member of society was held in equal regard, and every person was considered a member of a single family. It was believed that each Keganite had a Guide Within, which was their spirit and life force, and tied them in to the General Good. The General Good wasn't complete unless every Guide Within was united with each other. To indicate a Keganite's dedication to the General Good, each person placed a letter before their given name—a V for men and an O for women—to demonstrate their commitment. The additional letter could only be dropped when two Keganites formed a lifelong bond, and then only in private.



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