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Genesia was the second planet in the Genesia system of the Brak sector, orbited by a multitude of space stations known as G-Stations. Genesia was located on a popular hyperlane, and received an influx of spacers and other visitors on their way to various destinations.

The world had three large continents of grassy plains and green hills bisected by many rivers. Genesia also had tens of thousands of smaller islands scattered throughout its three oceans. The three oceans were named Theen Ocean, Wold Ocean, and Zirac Ocean. Many of the islands were owned by the various corporations of Genesia and used as private getaways or entertainment centers.

Despite being a busy travel hub, there were very few spaceship accidents around Genesia, leading many independent spacers to believe the planet was lucky. Many of the sector's crime lords established bases on Genesia, easily bribing or simply overlooking the corrupt, ineffective planetary government.

Genesia's economy began to suffer as Brak sector's resources began to dwindle, despite assurances from Lant Mining Corporation that the financial situation would improve. Many of Genesia's major companies did not survive the repercussions of Lant Mining Corporation's string of mine closings.


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