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Genetic engineering was generally used to alter or extensively modify an existing organism for an expanded purpose or function, and was capable of modifying size, strength, speed, behavior, entire anatomical and physiological systems, and even cognitive abilities. Companies of all walks, from agricultural corporations such as the Republic Livestock and Agriculture Administration, to genetic research industries such as GeneSculpt and TheraGene, to entire planetary governments such as the Arkanian Dominion used genetic engineering for a myriad of purposes ranging from the mundane to the military.

Examples of Genetic EngineeringEdit

The cloners of Kamino modified the clone troopers loyalty, aggression, independence and discipline in order to guarantee that the army would be more docile and less independent than their template.[1]

The Nightseer, Wingle, and Craw-maw of Ruan were all modified by food corporations in order to be wingless and silent.[2]

The Ragithian Humans of Ragith III were genetically altered to be larger and stronger than normal humans to withstand their planets gravity.[3]

The Gra was genetically modified to be a more hardier herd animal.[4]

The Shistavanen were genetically engineered as a part of their evolutionary process.[5]

Seventeen was a unique genetically engineered creature composed of parts of several different animals.[6]

Stone mites were an engineered crustacean that fed specifically on metals.[7]

Subject 4D668493X was an engineered killing and tracking machine created by Imperials.[8]

Voort saBinring was genetically engineered to have extreme intelligence and mathematical skills.[9]

Kyrisa, a Nightsister, genetically engineered a wampa named Unkajo to be much larger than average.[source?]
Rothana Heavy Engineering sold a genetically modified gelagrub that was designed to not pupate into their beetle form.[10]



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