Genna Seedar was a medical student who was a member of a small resistance group on Kal'Shebbol. She later signed onto the FarStar as a medic.


Genna Seeder was a young medical student at the University of Byblos. While visiting friends on Kal'Shebbol, she was trapped on the planet when Moff Kentor Sarne imposed severe travel restrictions on the population.

When her friends started a small resistance group to oppose Sarne, Genna joined them. She trained herself to use a blaster, and her medical skills would come in useful. Operating out of a series of rooms underneath the Kal'Shebbol starport, the group had some early successes, but they were eventually beaten back by Sarne's forces. Time and time again, Genna dragged her wounded comrades back to their base. She sat by the bedside of the last member as they died of their wounds. Genna was the only survivor.

When the New Republic liberated Kal'Shebbol, she signed onto the crew of the FarStar. Genna wanted to keep helping people with her medical skills, and likely wanted to get some measure of justice against Sarne for the deaths of her friends.

Personality and traitsEdit

Outwardly, Genna showed no fear of capture or death. She knew how to handle a blaster, and had been in firefights before. She thought nothing of dodging blaster fire to rescue wounded comrades and drag them to safety. Inside, however, Genna was genuinely terrified. After tending to the wounded following a battle, Genna would go off on her own to cry. She also suffered from tremors in her hands, and needed an hour or two to calm down before she could perform any other actions.

Genna was shy around the crew of the FarStar, but maintained her brave and selfless manner during ground combat. She had few close friends, and looked up to Kaiya Adrimetrum as a role model.