Commander Gennad Rozhdenst was a male member of the Rebel Alliance and served as Commander of Scavenger Squadron, a squadron made up of Y-Wings around 4 ABY.


Mon Mothma, in anticipation of the Rebellion's needs after the upcoming Battle of Endor, sent Scavenger Squadron to the planet Kuat ostensibly to defend Kuat Drive Yards from Imperial assault as it had been resisting nationalization for two decades. Secretly, it was foreseen that win or lose, the Rebel Alliance would need new Capital Ships to make up any losses and it was hoped that some could be stolen from Kuat Drive Yards.

Rozhdenst met with Kuat of Kuat, and attempted to persuade him to abandon the Empire and join with the Rebel Alliance. Kuat merely wanted to be left alone by both the Alliance and the Empire and also to silence his enemies amongst the Kuati aristocracy who'd been embarrassed by his opposition to the Death Star project and felt they'd missed out on some important contracts.

Seemingly thwarted diplomatically, he was contacted by the head of Kuat Drive Yard's security, Kodir of Kuhlvult who manipulated Rozhdenst into eliminating Kuat of Kuat so that she could take control of the organization herself. However, these plans fell apart when Kodir's sister, Kateel of Kuhlvult returned to KDY to confront her sibling over a nefarious plot involving the ruling families. She was accompanied by Boba Fett who was seeking revenge on Kuat over a death mark.

Kuat ordered the destruction of the shipyards, while Rozhdenst ordered the capture of as many capital ships as possible. At least four Lancer-class frigates were stolen as well as some other capital ships but the shipyards were spared from total destruction when Boba Fett and Kateel stole a Star Destroyer which was a critical link in the self-destruct chain.

Personality and traitsEdit

Rozhdenst was distinguished by a large scar that ran diagonally across his face which he received in battle with the Empire.

He was easily goaded by Kuat of Kuat into losing his temper at being forced to babysit KDY while the Rebel Fleet amassed itself around the planet Sullust.


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