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"Looks like a Geonosian Beam Weapon. By the Force, this thing is ugly!!"

The Geonosian Elite Beam Weapon was a lethal beam-projecting weapon used by the Geonosian elite. It was produced by Gordarl Weaponsmiths.


The weapon would be attached to the Elite's arm. For fuel, the weapon drained the Geonosian of its body fluids, and converted them into a highly focused beam of pure energy. Due to this process, the weapon required several moments to charge and fire the beam. When used by any non-Geonosian, the weapon's "fingers" would be unable to obtain fluids from the wielder. Any fluids stored inside the weapon would be all the ammunition available to the new user. The beam could be sustained for a short time but inflict massive damage from any range on an enemy.

During the Clone Wars, clone commandos were known to utilize Elite Beam Weapons in the midst of the battle with high effectiveness, since they could use them after killing the Geonosian elites.



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