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Sun Fac wielding a Geonosian force pike

"Souvenir of Geonosis. Seemed a shame to waste it. You wouldn't even need to use the power setting, would you? This thing's heavy. Wallop. That'll make their eyes water."

The Geonosian force pike was a melee weapon used by the Geonosians of Geonosis, and possibly manufactured by Gordarl Weaponsmiths. It was similar to the static pike, itself an advanced form of the Geonosian spear.

As with all force pikes, this model could be used as a blunt weapon, or could be charged to inflict increased damage or to stun enemies. Clone commando RC-8015 found a Geonosian force pike during the First Battle of Geonosis and kept it as a souvenir.

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