Jicoln sniper

Jicoln Cadera pursuing a rival in the Geroya be Haran

"It's a Mandalorian death game. There are four parts: alii'jaate, personal honors; Yai'me'suum, the homeworld; the Sterebiise, who defends a legacy; and the Naast, who destroys it. He will place honors, prized possessions, around a battlefield. You will try to take them. If you take all of them, then you must take his home."
Torian Cadera, explaining the Geroya be Haran[src]

The Geroya be Haran was a rare Mandalorian challenge, invoked as a means to settle matters of honor, wherein the two individuals fought to the death. Considered the most serious challenge that could be issued in Mandalorian culture during the period of time surrounding the Cold War, when translated from Mando'a into Galactic Basic Standard, Geroya be Haran meant "game of annihilation". Unlike other duels fought by Mandalorians of the era over matters of personal honor, the Geroya be Haran held a unique penalty for the loser: every achievement, and even their very memory, was expunged from Mandalorian history as though they had never existed. For this reason, the severity of the outcome, Geroya be Haran was rarely issued. This scarcity with which the Geroya be Haran saw usage led to the origin of the tradition falling into obscurity. Many believed that the Geroya be Haran began as a symbolic retelling of a profound victory won by the Mandalorian Neo-Crusaders during the Mandalorian Wars.[1]

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The Geroya be Haran was first introduced into Star Wars canon in the massively multiplayer online game, Star Wars: The Old Republic, created by BioWare and released December 20, 2011.


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