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Gerran's father was a member of the Doan Royal House and King of the planet Doan during the time following the New Sith Wars. He was the father of Prince Gerran, and he opposed to Gerran's marriage to Serra. Around this time, the Doan Royal House came into conflict with the planet's mining caste. In 980 BBY, his son was accidentally killed when members of the mining caste attempted to force his airspeeder into an emergency landing. In revenge, Serra's bodyguard, Lucia, hired the Huntress, in Iktotchi assassin, to assassinate those responsible for Gerran's death. The Huntress ambushed and killed Gelba, a mining castte leader, as well as five miners that she was with at the time and a Jedi Knight, Medd Tandar, who had been sent to Doan to negotiate between the Royal House and the miners. This caused a diplomatic incident, as the King worried that the Jedi Order would assume that the Royal House had arranged the attack, when in reality he and Serra had nothing to do with it. As such, Serra traveled to the Jedi Temple on Coruscant to speak with the Jedi and convince them that the murder of Tandar was not the Royal House's fault. Later, Serra was killed by the Huntress—who had become Darth Bane's new Sith apprentice, taking on the name of Darth Cognus—on Ambria, leaving the King to be the only survivng member of his family.


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