Get'shuk was a fast-paced Mandalorian sport. Similar in many ways to the game of bolo-ball, get'shuk was played by teams of multiple players on a large field known as a pitch. Situated at either end of the pitch were goals wherein competitors would attempt to deliver a ball; unlike in bolo-ball, get'shuk players were allowed to handle the ball with limbs other than just their feet.[1]

While in his youth, the Mandalorian soldier Mij Gilamar had his nose broken during an intense game of get'shuk. Left with a crook in the bridge of his nose that stayed with him well into middle age, friends of Gilamar noted that the injury gave the typically good-natured doctor an appearance more brutish than befit his personality.[2]

Behind the scenesEdit

Get'shuk was first mentioned in the fourth entry in the Republic and Imperial Commando series, entitled Order 66. Written by author Karen Traviss, the novel was published September 16, 2008.[2] The dictionary of the Mando'a language compiled by Traviss also provided further details on the Mandalorian game, comparing it to the real-world sport of rugby.[1]


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