"Getaway" is a short story written by Christie Golden that appeared in the magazine Star Wars Insider 134 in 2012. The story takes place during the honeymoon of Jaina and Jagged Fel in 44 ABY, after the events of the Fate of the Jedi novel series.

Plot summaryEdit

Jagged and Jaina Solo Fel have their honeymoon on the world of Sakuub. However, Jaina reveals to Jag that she has an ulterior motive; she wants to visit the world's Sky Temple of Karsol in order to determine whether or not it is an ancient Jedi ruin, and/or if it may help the Jedi Order in providing anymore information to help finally defeat Abeloth. During their stay, they meet their Sakuubian guide, Pharika, and Jaina senses an uneasy presence that hints to a Hutt criminal nearby.

Upon their arrival to the Sky Temple with Pharika as their guide, Jaina and Jag discover a Jedi holocron. The moment that happens, Pharika turns on them in an attempt to steal the holocron. With the arrival of a vessel helping her, Pharika sparks a fight between her and the Fel couple which ends with Jag shooting Pharika in both legs, before her assistant vessel vaporizes her to keep her from telling anyone about their plans. The vessel then proceeds to eliminate Jaina and Jag themselves to attain the holocron, before another vessel arrives and blows the opposing vessel to pieces. The ship that aided Jaina and Jag then comes down and the pilot, a Hutt, reveals himself. He informs them that he helped the Fels in order to settle the debt that the Hutt Empire owed to Jaina and Lando Calrissian, for reluctantly upholding the Treaty of Vontor and ruling in their favor on Klatooine, in spite of the futility and failure of maintaining the world in further slavery. With that, the Hutt departs, and Jaina helps a wounded Jag back to their hotel on the world.


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