Gettle Tebron was a Human who competed as a professional shockball player during the years leading up to the outbreak of the Clone Wars. Tebron was a member of the Shad Furies shockball team and became a friend and rival of the Eriadu Patriots player Kob Mondray. In 27 BBY Mondray and Tebron were both signed by the Kuat Artisans team and through their efforts they brought their team to the final round of the Galactic League in 26 BBY where they lost to the Commenor Diamonds. Mondray and Tebron subsequently guided their team to victory in the Galactic League the following year. During the Clone Wars Kob Mondray sided with the Confederacy of Independent Systems and became a figurehead for the movement, and Tebron never spoke to Mondray again.


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