Gev-Toosa was a settlement at Stend IV.

Gev-Toosa was the biggest settlement on the planet, but it was only big enough to be considered a village. It had no spaceport; approaching ships received a pre-recorded message suggesting them to land outside Gev-Toosa and walk to the town.

Gev-Toosa was the goal of Operation: Clodhopper, a plan of the Army of Life. The Army wanted to transport dangerous clodhoppers to Stend IV, where they would spread havoc and devastate the colony. It was its goal "the biggest settlement on Stend IV".

However, the Jedi Council discovered the Operation, and they sent Padawan Dree-Tekes there, where she would fight the Army hired agents. Dree-Tekes met with four Gran militiamen and provided them with blaster carbines, an old heavy blaster cannon and a grenade launcher.

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