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Ghadi was a human male who was an Imperial Moff, governor of the Tangenine sector in the Core Worlds. He had a bitter rivalry with Grand Moff Wilhuff Tarkin and tended towards paranoia regarding his position and personal interests.


A human male, Moff Ghadi served as governor of the important Core World Tangenine sector, and held a high position of power and influence within the Imperial hegemony, with at least one contact planted within the Imperial Security Bureau.[1]

When Arihnda Pryce, under orders from her employer, Imperial Senator Domus Renking, unknowingly bought Ghadi a booby-trapped datachip, Ghadi used Pryce to reverse the situation, blackmailing the aide by throwing polstine spice on her and threatening to turn her in to the authorities.[1]

At around the same time, Ghadi used his aide, Culper, to approach Eli Vanto and offer him a position with a local Inner Rim security force so as to isolate and undermine Thrawn. Upon Vanto seeing through the ploy and rejecting the offer, Ghadi used his influence to block Vanto being promoted.[1]

Later convinced that the advocacy group, Higher Skies was working behind the scenes for one of his enemies, Ghadi once again used his influence to try and blackmail Pryce, who worked for the group, into spying on the organisation in order to gain information on political opponents, Grand Moff Wilhuff Tarkin in particular.[1]

Using this eagerness, Pryce recorded Ghadi receiving an encoded file on Tarkin, which she subsequently gifted to Tarkin in exchange for the governorship of Lothal, allowing Tarkin to politically undermine Ghadi's position.[1]


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