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The Gian-211 patrol speeder was a model of repulsorlift speeder in operation during the era of the Resistance.


The Gian-211 was an armored speeder powered by a shrouded repulsorlift generator at the vehicle's aft. Steered with a control yoke, it was armed with forward-mounted defensive laser cannons, and possessed an armored hull. Gian-211s were utilized as patrol craft for the purposes of transportation and reconnaissance.[1]


Gian-211 speeders were utilized by the Resistance against the First Order, at a time when the vessel's repulsorlifts were considered antiquated. Adhering to the philosophy of using every asset possible, Resistance technicians kept the battered speeder's repulsors working, and it saw use at the Resistance base on D'Qar around the time of the Assault on Starkiller Base.[1][2]



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