"Wow! Are these towers trees, Mira?"
"No, Luke…gigantic fungus! The thickest, wildest forest on Kessel!"
Luke Skywalker and Mira Volz[src]

The Giant Fungi Forest,[1] also known as the Great Fungi Forest, was a titanic patch[3] of huge, trumpet-shaped fungi[4] located on the planet Little Kessel.[1][2] They were large and strong enough for the world's inhabitants to build homes and offices inside of them. Several of the large[4] mushrooms[3] were even used as landing pads.[4] Professor Renn Volz did his most advanced research in a laboratory hidden in the stipe of one of the forest's gigantic fungus.[1]

In the year 0 ABY,[5] Captain Bzorn of the Imperial Navy, under personnel orders by Darth Vader to located and punish planets sympathetic to the Alliance to Restore the Republic, commandeered Volz's Ionic Ring Ship. When Little Kessel's government refused to surreneder its Rebel sympathizers, Bzorn attacked the giant fungi forest using earthquakes, which the world had not experienced for eons.[1]

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"Russ Manning, the original writer of the syndicated Star Wars newsparer strip, penned "The Second Kessel Run" not long after the first movie was released. The rather hackneyed storyline involved the Empire's use of a giant weather-control machine to cow the peaceful Kesselians, whose lush, verdant homeworld housed a titanic mushroom patch called the Great Fungi Forest. Why Threepio would be terrified of being sent to a planet that looked like a paradisical Shangri-La was left unexplained."
Daniel Wallace[src]

The Giant Fungi Forest was originally created for the Star Wars Legends newspaper comic strip The Second Kessel Run, written by Russ Helm and penciled by Russ Manning, which ran from January 1 to February 25, 1980.[1]



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