"One result might be giantism, well beyond the Pau'an norm."

Giantism or gigantism, was a medical deformity which resulted in a being growing far larger than the norm. Low theloxin levels in a Pau'an would possibly result in this. 11-4D knew this when inquired as to by Darth Plagueis.[2] Similar results could also be achieved chemically, as was the case with Erdan, a Human slave who had been artificially enlarged by his owner.[3] The former Jedi Knight and Prophets of the Dark Side named Jedgar was a Human giant, measuring 2.3 meters[1] while his species averaged 1.8 meters.[4] By abuse of language, the word "giant" was also used to describe bigger breeds within a given species, such as the giant thranta,[5] or even a species in which greater size was normal, such as the Kashyyykian giant weaver.[6] Additionally, species that were far larger than most humanoids were often referred to as giants, including the extinct Gargantelles of Boz Pity, whose statures topped twenty meters,[7] and the B'rknaa of Indobok.[8]


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