Gidders was a Bothan male colonel in the Galactic Alliance Defense Force by 44 ABY. He was stationed on the planet of Kuratooine when Turman Durra, a member of Wraith Squadron, appeared before the Alliance's military compound disguised as the ambassador of an underground species native to Kuratooine. For this, Gidders contacted General Stavin Thaal about the jewels and valuables that "Embassy-Who-Climbs" had to offer in the underground caves that he and his people lived in, which was one of the reasons that lured Thaal over to Kuratooine.

When Wraith Squadron caused trouble on the planet in order to attract enough attention to have Thaal arrested, the general considered blaming all the trouble on Gidders. After Thaal was apprehended for apparently being an imposter of himself, on account of genetically altering his appearance to be Thadley Biolan, Gidders was angry for what Thaal planned to do to him.