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"Why work up a sweat when I got a mountain full o'followers t'do my punchin' for me?"
―Gideon Longspar[src]

Gideon Longspar was a criminal warlord that lived in the mountain regions overlooking the town of Garrotine on the planet, Beheboth. Longspar desired total control over the moisture farming community and labored to great extremes to acquire it. He routinely sent his bands of Brigands to the local farms to steal supplies of water, causing a shortage in the area.


In 3 ABY, Gideon gained control of a non-corporeal sentient species known as the Tirrith. The Tirrith was a mass of energy mist particles that comprised a hive mind. Along with being telepathic, the Tirrith had the ability to chemically alter atmospheric conditions. Longspar captured a portion of the Tirrith and imprisoned a portion it inside of a special containment pod. He then blackmailed the remaining Tirrith particles into assisting him, by threatening to kill its hive-mind counterpart. He forced the enslaved Tirrith to infiltrate the moisture vaporators at the locals farms, and release a noxious gas to render any Humans unconscious. Longspar would then take advantage of this opportunity and have his Brigands enter the farms unmolested and steal the stockpile of water.

He had the Tirrith attack the largest farm on the planet owned by Darial Anglethorn. When all the guards were unconscious, his men moved in and stole Angelthorn's water, wrecked her vaporators, and kidnapped Darial herself. Rebel Alliance pilot, Luke Skywalker had become stranded on Beheboth and was helping Anglethorn guard her farm when the attack occurred. Skywalker too was knocked out by the gas, but when he recovered he pursued Anglethorn's captures to their headquarters where he was quickly captured himself. But soon both Luke and Darial escaped their prison and confronted Longspar who had armed himself with Luke's lightsaber. In the ensuing struggle, the young Rebel lured Longspar near the captured Tirrith where the warlord made a violent lunge, missed Luke, and shattered the glass cage which held the Tirrith. With Longspar distracted by the escaping Tirrith, Skywalker easily knocked him unconscious with a single blow.

Darial and Luke rushed to escape the Brigands' headquarters when a gang of the outlaws cornered them outside. Their only chance of escape was to fire at the tanks holding the stolen water, having the rush of water wash the bandits away, ending the gang's influence over the area.

Physical appearanceEdit

Gideon Longspar was barrel-chested humanoid alien of unknown lineage. His skin was a deep orange with striped black markings running along the sides of his face. He wore a purple colored fez and a loose-fitting tunic with a bandolier.

Behind the scenesEdit

The character of Gideon Longspar was created by Marvel Comics writer David Michelinie. This was one of the final characters he would create for the Marvel Comics line.