"There is more fight in you than you would want me to believe there is."
Kirtan Loor[src]

Gil "Billey" Bastra was a Human male CorSec police officer and former coworker who worked with Hal Horn during the Galactic Civil War.


Bastra helped Corran Horn and Iella Wessiri escape from Corellia in order to avoid the Imperial Liaison, Kirtan Loor, by providing them with false identities. Unfortunately, Bastra was captured by Loor and interrogated. After one interrogation session, Bastra was immersed in bacta. This killed Bastra due to an allergy he had previously developed from a contaminated batch of bacta from Lot ZX1449F. This contamination had also caused Bastra to contract blastonecrosis, a fact which Loor had used in an unsuccessful attempt to break Bastra. The signs of the disease had been hidden because Bastra regularly took doses of lotiramine, a chemical which interacted lethally with the truth serum skirtopanol, to prevent Imperial agents from gaining information from him. Bastra's death was documented in Imperial HoloNet transmission A34020121.

Behind the scenesEdit

In one scene, he is called "Gus Bastra."



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