This article is about the Imperial Consul-General of Kothlis. You may be looking for Gilad Pellaeon.

Gilad Halsek was the Imperial Consul-General on Kothlis.


Before being assigned to Kothlis, Gilad was a minor official on Coruscant. During his time on Kothlis, he occasionally turned a blind eye to the Bothans, ensuring that the populace would not murder him.

Upset with the lack of Imperial troop support, Gilad hired a band of mercenaries known as Beldonna's League to bolster the planet's defense. He paid the unit from the Bothan treasury and provided barracks and support facilities for their needs. He also fell in love with the leader of the mercenaries, Liiria Beldonna.

He was approached by Cecil Noone around 0 ABY when the thief was attempting to offload a stolen Hapan Gun of Command. Halsek double-crossed the thief however, and Noone and his crew just managed to escape from the planet ahead of 24 stormtroopers and a legion of planetary militia.



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