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Gilas was a male Trandoshan big game hunter who was a member of a hunting guild helmed by the Trandoshan Garnac during the year 20 BBY. The guild's prey at times consisted of sentient prey kidnapped from around the galaxy which were then taken to the moon of Wasskah. There, the prey was mercilessly hunted by the Trandoshan guild. However, one capture, the Jedi Padawan Ahsoka Tano, managed to form a small resistance movement with other captured individuals and brought the fight back to the Trandoshans. Gilas investigated a starship the Padawan's group managed to crash, and later partook in the defense of Garnac's floating fortress. Although Gilas and the other hunters managed to briefly subdue Tano and her allies, they received unexpected help from Wookiee soldiers. Gilas was killed by the Wookiee leader General Tarfful in the ensuing firefight, which overall ended with a Wookiee victory.


Garnac's hunting guildEdit

"The sun has risen. Let the hunt begin."
―Garnac endorses a guild hunting outing[src]

A Trandoshan male, Gilas was a member of a hunting guild led by fellow Trandoshan Garnac. Based out of the moon of Wasskah, the guild would kidnap sentient beings and bring them back to the moon, where the Trandoshans would then hunt them for sport.[3]

During the year 20 BBY, Garnac's son Dar had reached the age where he would be allowed to partake in the guild's hunting trips. Gilas partook in a hunt the day of Dar's initiation ceremony, which featured brand new prey that included a Jedi Padawan, the Togruta Ahsoka Tano. Alongside the other Trandoshans, Gilas armed up upon Garnac's endorsement of the hunt and drove a hover pod to Wasskah's Island Four. Later that night, Gilas was present for Dar's ceremony. Along with the other hunters, Gilas chanted Dar's name as the Trandoshan's father inducted him into the guild. However, Dar was killed the very next day by Tano when Dar attempted to kill her and another stranded Jedi.[3]

The Jedi strike backEdit

"Kill them! Kill them!"
―Garnac orders Gilas and the Trandoshans to kill Tano's attacking force[src]

Some time later, Tano joined forces with two other Jedi younglings, O-Mer and Jinx, and together they forced a Trandoshan drop ship to crash on Island Four's beach, freeing the sole Wookiee prisoner, Chewbacca, in the process. Later they captured the hunter Smug and forced him to call for a hover pod to pick him up. One the hover pod arrived, the Tano's group hijacked it and flew it to Garnac's floating fortress to mount an attack. Their initial ambush saw the death of the hunter Lagon, which caused his partner Ramy to call for backup. Gilas, who had been standing by alongside Ratter, quickly joined the fray.[2]

Trandoshan Hunting Party

Gilas, Ramy, and Ratter level weapons on Chewbacca and O-Mer

The Trandoshans opened fire on the attackers, but were forced to duck when the Jedi used the Force the throw a hover pod at them. While Ratter took on the Wookiee in personal combat, Gilas attempted to shoot the Jedi with his blaster pistol. Tano used the Force to throw off his aim, and forced Gilas into a melee brawl with her and Jinx. The Jedi overcame Gilas and pinned him to the ground. However, O-Mer had been flying the stolen hover pod. The pod was shot down by Garnac, and the crash threw off the attacker's advantage. Gilas, now free, turned his blaster on the defeated O-Mer and Chewbacca.[2]

With the Jedi team at his mercy, Garnac applauded their efforts. Before he could eliminate them, however, Wookiee reinforcements arrived thanks to a transmitter Chewbacca had built earlier. The battle renewed, and Gilas and the Trandoshans refocused their fire on the attacking Wookiee soldiers. The Wookiees' leader, General Tarfful, jumped between Gilas and Ramy to fight them personally. After throwing Ramy off the side of the floating fortress, Tarfful knocked Gilas to the ground and used his foot to stomp on Gilas' head, killing the Trandoshan hunter.[2]

The Wookiees secured total victory over the hunting guild when Tano killed Garnac in combat, ending the guild's bloody agenda.[2]

Personality and traitsEdit

Gilas was a stocky Trandoshan with brown-colored skin and orange eyes. Gilas quickly jumped into the fight against Tano's team upon Ramy's call for backup and fought Jedi and Wookiees alike in hand-to-hand combat, although he lost both of his direct duels with them.[2]


Gilas in a Hover Pod

Gilas in a hover pod, preparing for a day's hunt

Gilas was known to carry and use two identical blaster pistols and wore green and brown-colored clothing during the battle with the Jedi and Wookiees on Wasskah. After being knocked down by Tano and Jinx during his scuffle with them, he momentarily lost hold of his blasters, but after the Jedi were subdued, Gilas managed to reclaim one of them. He was relieved of the weapon a second time when he battled General Tarfful.[2]

Behind the scenesEdit

Created for the Star Wars: The Clone Wars television series, Gilas first appeared as a background character in the episode "Padawan Lost" before having a slightly expanded role in the subsequent episode "Wookiee Hunt."[3][2] Both episodes were aired on April 1, 2011, serving as the show's season three finale.[4][5] Outside of some growling, Gilas does not speak in either episode, nor is he named on onscreen.[3][2] However, Gilas was identified by name in "Padawan Lost's" episode guide, which also reveals that Gilas' name is derived from Angilas—more commonly known as Anguirus—, a character from the Godzilla franchise.[5]



Notes and referencesEdit

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