"Someone... anyone... is there anyone out there? This is the Aggressive Negotiation. The... captain and officers have been murdered; we're dead in space and leaking atmosphere. Somebody... anybody... help me!"
―Gille Narvis[src]

Gille Narvis was a female Human who lived during the time of the Clone Wars.


Gille married Jarl Narvis and together they had a daughter, Kalee Narvis. She had joint ownership of the company Legal Arms Ltd. with her husband and served as its accountant. During the Clone Wars, she traveled aboard the company's Barloz-class freighter Aggressive Negotiation, of which her husband was captain, to deliver weapons to the Cularin Militia in the Cularin system. However, the ship was boarded by a Thaereian military patrol, who killed Jarl and all of the crew except Gille and Kalee. They planned to kill them last, but were called away, so Gille and Kalee were left in the ship, which was dead in space. Gille broadcast a distress call and the Heroes of Cularin came to rescue them. She later continued to run Legal Arms Ltd., now as the sole owner.