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Gina Moonsong was a human female who was a smuggler on Coruscant and later served in the Alliance to Restore the Republic during the Galactic Civil War as a pilot. She was a member of Blade Squadron and was in a secret relationship with Lieutenant Braylen Stramm. She participated in the climactic Battle of Endor, flying a B-wing fighter, and succeeded in her mission to destroy the Imperial-class Star Destroyer Devastator.

She later got promoted to the rank of lieutenant and was awarded the Medal of Bravery. She participated in the Battle of Malastare. In the battle, Moonsong disobeyed Stramm's orders and along with two other pilots destroyed Moff Valco Pandion's palace on Malastare.


Galactic Civil WarEdit



Gina Moonsong, flying a B-wing, makes her attack run during the Battle of Endor.

Originally a smuggler, Gina Moonsong became a part of Adon Fox's Blade Squadron, in the waning days of the Galactic Civil War, with the rank of cadet. She was in a secret relationship with Lieutenant Braylen Stramm, which Fox suspected. When the Alliance decided to attack the Galactic Empire at Endor and destroy its unfinished superweapon, the Death Star II, the Blade Squadron was assigned to a rearguarding mission, much to Moonsong's annoyance.[1]

However, as soon as the Alliance Fleet made its entry in the Endor system from hyperspace, it became evident that the Empire had sprung a trap, as an armada of Imperial Star Destroyers had been waiting there. The rearguarding mission was immediately aborted, and Moonsong got an occasion to go into the kill-zone. When Blade Squadron faced the Star Destroyer Devastator, which had once killed Fox's wife, Moonsong's commander ordered to start an attack run on that ship.[1]

Moonsong along with her squadron engaged in a battle with a large number of incoming TIE/IN interceptors. After a long fight she thought of a plan to attack the Devastator and send the data to Stramm and Fanty, two of the few remaining members of the squadron. However Fanty's targeting system had crashed so he told Moonsoong to go on without him. The TIE Interceptor's that were on her tail were blown up by Stramm. She locked flight paths with him and together they launched proton torpedoes which hit the weak points in the Devastator's navigation shielding. This resulted in the destruction of the Star Destroyer.[1]

After EndorEdit

After the Battle of Endor, Moonsong got promoted to the rank of lieutenant. She, along with other B-wing pilots who had survived the Battle of Endor, was awarded the Medal of Bravery, but she felt that the medals should be given to the pilots who had lost their lives in the battle. She continued her relationship with Stramm who was made the commander of Blade Squadron. Some time later three new cadets - Yori Dahn, Jordan Karls, Cutter Poole - joined Blade Squadron. She interviewed them and got in a little argument with Poole. She then introduced Fanty to them and told them that their training would start the next day at oh-six hundred.[3]


Sometime later, Stramm told her that their next target was an Imperial communications hub on the planet Malastare. When Moonsong observed on the map that Malastare was sheilded, he told her that the shield generator was next to the target and according to Admiral Ackbar's technicians they could take them both out at the same time by creating a temporary aperture. Gina asked him about the locale planetside on the map, and Stramm told her that it was the vacation palace of Moff Valco Pandion, who was the head of a slaver cartel. Moonsong insisted that they should destroy the palace, but Stramm disagreed, saying that they should be disciplined and careful. He added that they weren't sure whether the Moff was in the palace, and he didn't want to put anyone's life at risk going after him. When Moonsong continued arguing, Stramm told her to follow her orders.[3]

According to the plan, Blade Squadron attacked Malastare and successfully passed through the planetary shield; however, Karls's B-wing caught the electromagnetic surge of the shield and exploded. Poole reported that he counted at least a dozen TIE Fighters inbound. Stramm and his B-wings peeled off from the rest of the squadron to attack the shield generator while Moonsong led them toward the incoming TIE Fighters. In the battle that followed, Poole was shot down by a TIE Pilot whom Moonsong in turn killed. However, the payback didn't bring her any solace.[3]

Stramm succeeded in destroying the shield generator and the communication hub and ordered the squadron to head to the rendezvous point. Moonsong told Fanty to take Yori to the rendezvous, but he told her that he was staying with her. She told them her plan to attack the Moff's palace, and she along with Fanty and Yori plunged towards the ground. Stramm ordered her to return but she ignored him. The three pilots launched the proton torpedoes at the palace and destroyed it. Gina's instruments went dark, and she kept accelerating upwards, thinking of the reception she would get from Stramm if she made it back.[3]


After the action at Malastare, Blade Squadron was assigned to serve in the Battle for Kuat Drive Yards, bombing a supply monorail. Stramm had been assigned to coordinate the overall fleet actions, so Moonsong was tapped to take command of the squadron. In addition to the B-wings, a detachment of X-wing starfighters led by Lieutenant Sandara Li was added in Blade Squadron in the escort capacity.

At one point in the campaign, Li disregarded Moonsong orders's and peeled off from the B-wing bombers to attack an area covered with turbolaser batteries and walkers. Li's armament was unable to destroy the targets, so Moonsong was forced to sacrifice her ordnance to save her less experienced comrade.

Later in the campaign, Moonsong and the rest of the squadron attacked and destroyed the Imperial command hub.[4]


In 5 ABY, Moonsong led Blade Squadron in the Battle of Jakku. Although she and her wingmates managed to destroy the engines of the Executor-class Star Dreadnought Ravager, Moonsong's craft was badly damaged and she crashed on the surface of the planet below. After joining forces with Phantom Squadron's Temmin Wexley and a depleted group of Rebel soldiers, she led an attack on an Imperial supply convoy and used the vehicle's transmitter to call for assistance.[5]


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