Ginder was a typical furred Bimm in many respects—he dressed in yellow and loved to haggle. He was a little on the short side, standing about a meter tall. He operated in the Cularin system as a scavenger and generally reliable information broker. On Tolea Biqua, while going through a shipment of scrap from Uffel, he came across the head of an L80-series protocol droid. Recognizing it as the kind of droid that Riboga the Hutt had used, he figured there might be some value in its data, and shopped the head around. It soon drew attention from soldiers of the Thaereian military as well as thugs who thought they'd earn points with the crimelord who took over from Riboga, Nirama, if they brought him the head. Neither group wanted to pay for the head, though neither group pressed the issue at first, opting for following the Bimm.

Feeling he was in a bad situation, Ginder contacted a group of freelancers to pass the head off on them in the hopes they could get him safely off of Genarius. As he was meeting with the freelancers in the Falling Rodian cantina, the soldiers and the thugs showed up, and a battle over the head began. Ginder hid under a table during the brawl, and the head ended up in the possession of the freelancers.


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