Ginzet was a Saurton pirate and a member of the Des'maric Pirates during the New Republic's reign over the galaxy.


Born on the Saurton homeworld of Essowyn,[1] located within the Trax sector of the Mid Rim,[2] Ginzet served as a warrior for the Des'mar of Essowyn, and worked to disrupt the Quenno faction.[1] Ginzet followed fellow Saurton and personal friend, Miktiss, in several attacks against the Quenno despite the illegality of their actions. After Miktiss was captured, the members of the Saurton Council of Elders loyal to the Des'mar smuggled Miktiss offworld to avoid execution; Ginzet was one of several soldiers loyal enough to follow him into exile.[1]

In 7 ABY, Miktiss and his supporters formed the Des'maric Pirates and gifted Ginzet with the title of lieutenant and one of a trio of GAT-12 Skipray Blastboats called Des'maric One. The pirates would quickly capture the Corellian Engineering Corporation Action IV transport Cekbar Servant, renaming the freighter as the Asagov Raider. Despite forming an allegiance with crime lord Crev Bombaasa, Miktiss was unaware that his seemingly loyal Lieutenant Ginzet had entered into a deal all her own. Having been paid off, Ginzet planned to help Bombassa assume control of the organization and oust Miktiss.[1]


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