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Girodyne was a manufacturer of various power and propulsion systems and engines.

Their products were often used in vessels produced by Corellian Engineering Corporation.

Girodyne was in operation at least as early as 70 BBY, as it provided the nuclear steam engines for the sandcrawlers operated by Corellia Mining Corporation.

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Behind the scenesEdit

Girodyne is first identified in Star Wars: Complete Cross-Sections as the manufacturer of the sublight engines of the Millennium Falcon and the CR90 corvette. These devices have been both previously and subsequently referred to as products of Corellian Engineering Corporation by the The Star Wars Sourcebook and Chapter 3 of the Episode IV Visual Guide respectively. Chapter 4 of the Visual Guide returns to the Girodyne identification, which either reinforces this connection or indicates Chapter 3 was in error. This change has not yet been addressed by an authoritative source such as Leland Chee or Pablo Hidalgo.

The fact that Girodyne was operating as early as 70 BBY is based on the fact that sandcrawlers were abandoned on Tatooine around that date, as established by Secrets of Tatooine and Galaxy Guide 7: Mos Eisley.



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