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The Gladius-class light freighter was a sleek, fast and nimble craft. It was used by defense forces and Sector Rangers as a scout vessel or system patrol craft.


Raider (Jor Torlin's)2

The rear of a Gladius-class light freighter.

Gladius-class freighter had a round, flat vertical section and smooth, curved body design. It also had a circular cockpit area that allowed for easy movement between stations. It was armed with an impressive quad laser cannon, but did not possess enough defense to withstand attacks by pirates and other criminals. Its fast hyperdrive allowed the vessels to escape from most attackers and reach safety.[1]


Kuat Drive Yards made a deal with Darth Krayt's Galactic Empire that allowed Kuat Systems Engineering to manufacture these ships despite Imperial restrictions in exchange for favorable contracts on manufacture of the Imperial vessels. Sector Rangers used Gladius-class freighters as long-range scout craft. It was also popular with bounty hunters who appreciated its speed, armament and ease of operations. Jor Torlin, an agent of Sith Intelligence and Assassination, owned a Gladius known as the Raider.[1]



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