"Welcome to my shop, friend. Do I have anything that might interest you? A trinket from the debris of Alderaan? A glove worn by Lord Vader himself?"
―"Glah Ubooki"[src]

Glah Ubooki was a Bimm merchant who owned a shop in Glastro on Bimmisaari who had specialized in imports from all over the galaxy, selling virtually everything from technology to pets, but was also known to offer his customers debris from the Destruction of Alderaan as well as a glove once worn by Darth Vader. Somewhat of a mysterious character, Ubooki's features were often familiar to galactic citizens, and some would even argue to have made business with Ubooki in another shop somewhere else in the galaxy. Ubooki himself, however, always claimed to own only the shop in Glastro.


Glah Ubooki was a male Bimm born on the planet Bimmisaari, and had at least seventeen identical brothers.[1] Around 6 BBY,[2] Ubooki discovered a crashed Imperial Department of Military Research vessel in the asaari woods close to his home. Ubooki found no survivors, and began to search the wreckage, determined to salvage something before Imperial forces arrived. He discovered prototype weapons and equipment that the Empire was developing for use against the nascent Alliance to Restore the Republic. Returning home, he gathered seven of his brothers and headed back to the crash site. Over the course of three hours, the siblings salvaged whatever equipment they could find.[1]

The brothers took their haul to Glastro, the nearest city, where they hoped to sell their wares. A Rebel smuggler saw the equipment, and, realizing its value, paid Ubooki and his brothers an enormous sum of credits for everything. Ubooki and his brothers lived well for several months, but as the money started to run out, Ubooki proposed a plan to his brothers. They would take the rest of their money, pool it together and purchase a starship. Then, they would search nearby systems for unique finds like the R&D vessel and sell the salvage. The plan, of the face of it, was optimistic, and the brothers were emboldened by their consumption of Glastroan wine. However, the eight brothers bought a ship, and set off to find their fortune.[1]

Ubooki and his brothers were wildly successful. The Alliance and the Imperial forces near Bimmisaari were not numerous, and they conducted their war through the use of orbital bombings and long-range missiles. In the confusion, the Ubooki brothers would have access to abandoned facilities for several hours, allowing them to recover thousands of credits worth of salvage and information. After a few weeks, as far from the attack sites as possible, they would sell their bounty to the opposing side, or even those it had been stolen from. To maintain secrecy, the brothers would never be present in the market at the same time. Only one would sell the items, and would identify himself as "Glah Ubooki". This ruse kept their enterprise safe as any potential threats would be searching for a single Bimm rather than a group of them.[1]

As "Glah Ubooki"'s reputation grew, smugglers, explorers and pirates approached him with wares to sell. Up until the Battle of Endor, the Ubooki brothers dealt mainly in weapons and armor, but turned their attention to strange and wondrous alien artifacts. After gathering a large store of such devices, the brothers eventually opened a shop on Bimmisaari in Glastro. The enterprise was successful, and each of the seven brothers took some of the stock and opened up shops on other planets, including Tatooine and Coruscant. The private joke of them all being "Glah Ubooki" stuck, and each brother pretended to be the same individual, and that their store was the only one in existence. Eventually, the ruse spread and included more of Ubooki's brothers, until eighteen shops were open across the galaxy. Every year, the Ubooki brothers celebrated their success with a week-long party.[1]



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