Boles Roor, putting on a glimmik concert

"Now what are you listening to? [...] I can see you nodding to the beat."
"Want to listen in?"
"I'm psyched up enough, thanks."
Republic commandos Niner and Fi[src]

Glimmik was a musical genre known for its loud, frenetic sound[1] and thumping beat.[2] Similar to Heavy Isotope in many ways, glimmik differentiated itself with a fitter, more extreme image, and featured inspirational lyrical content. By 31 BBY, glimmik had gained significant popularity throughout the galaxy, particularly among non-Humans and those who led high-energy lifestyles; many racers, daredevils, and soldiers favored glimmik music. Glimmik music was often played at shockball courts, and a number of shockboxers used glimmik tracks as entrance music at venues across the galaxy.[1]

Boles Roor, a male Sneevel podracer, was a successful glimmik singer[3] who regularly performed sold-out concerts at the Kallarak Amphitheater on Coruscant, the capital world of the Galactic Republic.[4] Roor's superstar status was thought to be the cause of many sentients becoming fans of glimmik.[1] The night before competing in the Boonta Eve Classic race on Tatooine in 32 BBY, he gave a concert,[5] and after losing the race, Roor retired from the sport of podracing and went on a galactic singing tour.[6]

The clone commando RC-8015—known by the nickname Fi—was a lover of glimmik music. During his service in the Grand Army of the Republic, Fi would often listen to glimmik music at a loud volume within the confines of his helmet's audio circuit to mentally prepare himself for an upcoming operation,[7] and developed a habit of nodding his head along with the thumping beat of the music. Though his pre-combat glimmik music ritual was not one his squadmates shared, Fi listened to glimmik prior to an interdiction operation at the Corellian-Perlemian hyperlane intersection,[2] and both prior to and during a mission to the planet Gaftikar.[7]



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