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Glory was an Imperial I-class Star Destroyer best known as the flagship of former Grand Admiral Demetrius Zaarin. In its early life, it was mostly used by the Galactic Empire for raids on outposts suspected of containing contraband, including the headquarters of Galactic Electronics, makers of the mag pulse warhead.

Glory remained the flagship of Grand Admiral Zaarin when he launched an unsuccessful coup against Emperor Palpatine. The appearance of Glory in a battle after Zaarin turned traitor was much like the rogue admiral's personal calling card—it indicated that he took an active interest in the battle himself, and would usually withdraw before being heavily engaged. The Glory's few appearances in battle including the attempted capture of the Emperor, where it suffered significant damage from loyalist forces led by Maarek Stele, and supervising the destruction of the TIE Defender research facility in the Parmel system.

While in the Outer Rim, Zaarin was able to keep his rival, Grand Admiral Thrawn, stalemated and his flagship unscathed for months. This was made further difficult because Zaarin used other smaller vessels or sent hyperdrive-capable starfighters to make attacks.

Thrawn, realizing that he had to play a different game if he was going to force Zaarin to blink, played on his enemy's undue reliance on technology and dangled the Vorknkx Project in front of him as bait. The plan worked and Zaarin brought the Glory into harm's way in order to retrieve the prototype technology. Though he was initially successful in capturing the project's corvette, Thrawn was able to follow him into hyperspace due to a tracking device in the corvette. As the loyalist Imperials came with much greater forces, Glory was destroyed under heavy fire. Zaarin escaped in the corvette Vorknkx but it exploded when he activated its unstable cloaking device while entering hyperspace.


Zaarin's flagship Glory showing damage from loyalist forces, as the traitor tries to flee in the corvette Vorknkx .



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