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Glovan Thule, more commonly known as the Wise Man of Kooroo, was a male Human who lived on the world of Gelgelar around the time of the Galactic Civil War.


During this period he was a mystic who lived at the Shrine of Kooroo within the Gelgelar Free Port. Some believed that he was once a Padawan, however it was unclear as to the veracity of this rumor. He did possess a measure of lightsaber training, though he never was a full Jedi Knight. Thule took on the Sullustan child T'laerean Larn as a student in the Force, teaching the power called Merge Senses.

Thule was usually found at the Shrine, smoking his pipe and resting on animal skins. His head was graced with a floppy hat. Having no income of his own, his survival was assured through temple donations and gifts of food from Thulls, a local Ithorian. Visitors were granted advice and nuggets of philosophy.

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