"Ah… Very good worms. Now you always have light, even in darkest cavern. Good light. Light good for great Wookiee. Also, good food, if hungry."
―Unidentified alien creature, to Chewbacca and companions[src]

Glowworms were luminescent worms from the Coruscant underworld. A single glowworm was approximately the size of a loaf of Jawa bread. Giant walking fish liked to eat glowworms.

Chewbacca and one of the Rebel heroes—Luke Skywalker, Han Solo, or Leia Organa—were given glowworms by winged aliens while searching for Phelon. Chewbacca's companion was forced to eat a glowworm to appease their new acquaintances, and thought it would taste good with Tatooine Thunder sauce.