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Goa-Ato, Rodese for "Grand Protector's Hunters' Guild," was an ancient guild of Rodian bounty hunters, first founded when the ancient Grand Protectors bestowed a talented bounty hunter his first off-planet hunt. The leader of the Goa-Ato held the title of Master of the Grand Protector's Hunters' Guild.

The Grand Protector was charged with providing allies for the new hunter as well as a dangerous target. The best hunters returned to Rodia to join the Goa-Ato. Only those Rodians who had won the rights to travel offplanet were allowed entrance to the Goa-Ato. The Goa-Ato also held a hunting competition, and the winner was named the Supreme Hunter.

The offices of the Goa-Ato were located in the Eanca Goa-Ato in the city of Iskaayuma on Rodia.



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