"Space guys, huh? [sigh] Just what I need. [aide whispers in his ear] Huh? Oh, right. As lord high Godking of the most holy Anointed People, I most graciously welcome you travelers from a most distant land to the blessed shores of Masterhome, etc., etc. [sic] So, what's on your mind?"
―Godking Trisstan of Masterhome.[src]

The Godking was the title held by the supreme monarch of the planet Abonshee and its native species, the Anointed People.[1]

The Godking dynasties were chosen from among the noble class of the Godlings. The Godkings had absolute power, but they could only rule as long as others obeyed. Ambitious Godlings attempted to take over the throne. Thus, Godkings were forced to manipulate their enemies so that they would fight each other.[2]

The Godking ruled from a palace thrice as big as the castle of a Godling, in the biggest available city, with a personal guard thrice as big and many soldiers. The Godking was to have many reverence and was introduced with bugles.[3]

Before 74 BBY, Godkings spent most of their time placating revolts.[3] From that point on, wars were replaced with non-bloody events and Godkings could relax.[1]

In the times of the Rebellion, the Godking was Trisstan, who led his people to a golden age.[3] After joining the Alliance to Restore the Republic, the Anointed People fought Imperial stormtroopers for the greater glory of the Godking.[4]



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