The Godlings were a subspecies of the sentient Anointed People from the planet Abonshee, called "Masterhome" by the natives.


The Godlings were the noble class in the feudal system of their planet. Each Godling ruled a town inhabited by the working class Unwashed, and all of the Godlings were subjects to the planetary monarch or Godking. As the Godking dynasties were chosen from among the Unwashed, the Godking could be replaced by an Unwashed should he be unprepared. The Godlings were commonly friendly and prone to long speechs with little content. They liked wearing exotic armors and broad swords, even if there had been no real wars in Abonshee since 74 BBY.[1]

Godlings ruled from little castles surrounded by walls, moats, and a fifteen-man guard — all of which was dwarved by the resources of the Godking. These buildings were a remainder of a time when the Anointed People were warlike. Most of the Godlings's peerage was symbolic in times of the Galactic Empire. Each summer, every Godling recruited his subjects and geared them for a mock war with their neighbors. The conflict included a physical test of strenght, but rarely blood was seen. The losing belligerent was supposed to pay for a three-day party for both armies. Although Abonshee had only been chartered by the Galactic Republic and never joined the galactic community, the Godlings did know of extraplanetary life. They did not know, however, of the powers or goals of the aliens, and as such were cautious when dealing with them.[1]


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