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The Goelitz-Ylix War was a war between the two rival worlds of Goelitz and Ylix. An ancient rivalry, it led to a period of intermittent terrorist attacks by Goelitz partisans before Ylix launched a full-scale war against Goelitz which saw its enemy defeated.


The longstanding feud between Goelitz and Ylix, two minor colony worlds only a few systems apart, was so ancient that by the last days of the Galactic Republic, its origins had been largely forgotten. By that point, the conflict was characterized by intermittent attacks by Goelitz terrorists on Ylix's inhabitants. The occasional violence formed part of the backdrop of Ylix society. The Ylix militia combated the attacks whenever they occurred, but the Republic could not spare resources to stabilize the area though it promised peacekeeping troops.[1]

The Ylix militia struck back at Goelitz, carrying out a hard-fought war across dozens of planets. In the campaign, Gallandro emerged as a hard-edged Ylix war hero. The militia eventually defeated Goelitz and ended the war roughly around 20 BBY.[1]


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