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Goff was the name of an XQ5 Platform used by the Airam, located in the Goff system. It was supposedly a supply station for the Rebel Alliance as well. Her defenses included a pair of R-41 Starchaser squadrons, shuttles, and two IPV-1 Patrol Craft.


After learning of Airam forces supporting the Rebels, the Imperial-class Star Destroyer Rage, along with the Interdictor Compellor, targeted the station for attack and seizure to serve as an example to Airam forces who were trying to support the Rebellion. They attacked the station with TIE/In interceptors from Avenger Squadron as well as a force of TIE/sa bombers. They captured the station along with a Beta-class ETR-3 escort transport containing Rebel officers; the Imperials were then attacked by the Rebel Nebulon-B2 frigate Colada which targeted the Compellor and launched Z-95 Headhunters from Azul Squadron and Y-wings from Grez Squadron. The attack failed and, after their shields had been taken down they were given a chance to surrender. The Rebels refused and the frigate was destroyed.


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