The Goibniu Platform was a XQ2 Platform located at the Goibniu system that served as a supply depot. It was armed and had squadrons of TIE/LN starfighters for defense.


At one point it came under attack from a rebel strike force consisting of Z-95 Headhunters and Y-wings. These tried to disable the defenses on the platform, but the rebels had to do this quickly as the Heavy Lifter group Beetle was on its way to pick up the containers which contained Bacta.

Behind the scenesEdit

While the occurrence of the space battle, as well as the participants, is C-Canon, the outcome depends on the actions of the player and is therefore indeterminate. For lack of other canonical information it should be assumed that no lasting effect (such as the destruction of the station or a starship) resulted from the battle.

"Goibniu" is a smith from Irish mythology.


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