"This says she plotted with Dernas and the Reds to kill the Grand Lord!"
"And the other says she plotted with Pallima and his people.
Orielle Kitai and Flen Luzo, reading scrolls signed by Kitai's mother, Candra[src]

The Gold Faction was a political party of the Lost Tribe of Sith on Kesh. Its members wore a gold sash to distinguish them from their major rivals, the Red Faction, and its leader was given his or her own private box at the Korsinata. In 3961 BBY, the Golds and their rivals were forced to work together to elect a new Grand Lord for the Tribe. Unable to agree on a suitable Grand Lord, the Gold and Red factions compromised on High Lord Lillia Venn, the eldest of the High Lords. As of 3960 BBY, High Lord Pallima led the faction, though he was killed after participating in a conspiracy to assassinate Grand Lord Venn.