Golthan's Fortress was the military base maintained by Imperial Advisor Bregius Golthan on the planet Voktunma.The fortress was located in the mountainous foothills to the west of Voktunma's starport and designed with tall spires and steeply sloped roofs. Golthan had a special audience chamber in the center of the fortress, entered through ornately carved doors.[1]

It was guarded by a defense grid composed of a number of turbolaser towers placed strategically in the surrounding forests. The fortress was protected from aerial assault by shield generators and a sensitive turbolaser targeting system. Only one ship was allowed to fly under the shields each day, a Lambda-class shuttle with special clearance codes.[1]

The fortress was heavily damaged in 1 ABY when a group of mercenaries known as the Black Curs infiltrated the base to rescue the smuggler Platt Okeefe. They destroyed the shield generators and senor arrays, allowing their starfighters to strafe the base.[1]

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Goltan's Fortress plan

A plan of Golthan's Fortress.

The design of this fortress was based on concept art prepared for Jabba's Palace in Star Wars: Episode VI Return of the Jedi.[2]


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