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A gondola skimmersub was an aquatic vehicle used in Bartyn's Landing, a coastal town of Lamaredd. It was developed by local Gungan and Quarren engineers looking for a means to move through either surface and the lower levels of The Ring district.

A gondola skimmersub was similar to a bongo, with a fish-like central fin, a central sail that collapsed when diving, hydrojets to maneuver underwater and smaller repulsorsails both in port and starboard sides. It had transparisteel windows and could reach a maximum depth of 500 meters. Unlike the bongo, the gondola skimmersub could not use the locab plasma of Naboo.

As of 29 BBY, most families in Bartyn's Landing owned one of these.

This vehicle might have some relation with the subskimmers available for rent at Ackrahbala's Swoops & Speeders.


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