"Dis is Goodrow Neb Nob at Otoh Gunga Traffic Control. Our sensors detecten a seaquake, five kilometers south-west of yousa position. An underwater storm cowdabe headen yousa way. Yousa advise-ed to take defens-ive cover or combackie to Otoh Gunga immidyetly."
―Neb Nob to Boss Nass[src]

Goodrow Neb Nob was a Gungan who lived during the last decades of the Galactic Republic. By 33 BBY, Neb Nob lived in Otoh Gunga, the capital city of the Gungan society, under the rule of Boss Rugor Nass. That year, Neb Nob worked at the Otoh Gunga Traffic Control and once reported that a seaquake was located five kilometers south of Boss Nass's position.